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Friday, January 09, 2009

Couple of past items

Some short pieces I did in the fall:
Left is a congratulations note to a new knight in Ealdormere, Wat of Sarum. Robert sent a bag of period coins via a friend, and I penned the note using Robert's text. After taking this pic I threaded a fingerbraided cord into the fold of the page, and Robert sealed it in wax with his signet ring.

Right is a pension from HE Vitus to Robert, as thanks to Robert for serving as his herald while he and Giuliette were V&V.

I want to improve my lower-case D and P in the secretary hand, but I can see they're better than this time last year.



Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

Both of these are lovely! This type of hand is one of my favorites. What type of nib do you use? Or do you use quills you've cut yourself?


Genevieve la flechiere said...

Not yet onto quills - have cut a few and played with them a bit, but got more consistent results (ie. was happy to give them away) w/ metal nibs. More practice needed, I know...

I'm using some steel and/or gold-plated nibs - Leonardt no. 5 round is around 1mm wide. For Leonardt, sizes run 1-6, large to small.

The Brause & Co. steel nibs are helpfully marked in metric, so a 3/4 is 0.75mm.

I collected dozens of feathers from swans and Canada geese on the Thames, when we lived in Reading a couple of years ago. Hopefully they won't dry out too quickly before I can use them.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

I see a huge improvement in your calligraphy since the first examples that I can remember.

This is what I love about keeping copies of your first works, it helps to see how far one has progressed.