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Sunday, January 11, 2009

House keeping

I have reorganized and updated the links at the side bar.
New links include;

Anya's blog of medieval misc. ( fun stuff)
Aryanhwy's latin for scribes.

I added a new header image, please let me know if anyone has trouble loading it.

I am working on setting up a blog attached gallery that scribes will be able to access. Not sure when this will happen because it requires Marcus's help. The gallery will most likely be hosted on our domain and permissions will be given out only to active participants of this blog.

If anyone has updates from their own galleries they wish me to include please let me know.

Anyone wanting to be featured in the scribe of the month please send me your info.
Info should probably include;
your scribal history ( how you got started , why you got started etc...)
some images of your work - images can be links to out side site or small jpegs.
*As a side note picasa makes uploading images to this blog very easy and allows you to have galleries etc...
a nice portrait image of yourself - because it's nice when folks can put a face to the name.
*optional your SCA story and very optional your real life story.

Oh and an additional note, for those of you wondering how to get updates on when the blog is updated there is a feed link at the bottom of the side bar, atom. Click on that and follow instructions.,

okay that's it for now

ps here is a link to Picasa's home site. It really is a fantastic little program.

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