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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

scribal hazards

My most usual way of scribing is to sit on the edge of the bed, in front of the TV, with my feet on the rungs of a small stool and a cutting board on my lap. Last night, Joel used the cutting board for chopping green onions and garlic. The scent is pretty overpowering. I'm thinking, maybe I need to finally get a real writing desk!


Trinite Ducalon said...

Teehee... I have a real writing desk, in my conservatory, with beautiful lighting and a comfortable heater... but more often than not, I am perched on the couch, in front of the tv, pens and paints arranged on little tables around me... Just because you have one doesn't mean you will use one! :-D Maybe you should just get yourself a dedicated cutting board instead! Cheaper! Get more use!

Ysabella-Maria said...

Don't get a cutting board, get a drafting/technical drawing board instead. Having a moveable rule and graduated ruler down the side makes drawing up the lines so much faster!

I've been very good tonight and have actually worked at the dining table, but a lot of the time I also end up perched on the couch in front of the TV with my materials scattered across the coffee table. :)