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Monday, June 01, 2009

A4 drawing boards for sale

Marabu A4 board, in decent condition ( will be cleaned) 10, euro ( plus shipping if you want it mailed)

Now on Hold for Elsa.

Both are used. I looked them over and they seem fine, the clips and rulers work okay.
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Racaire said...

Thank you very much for the pics - unfortunately I already own this kind of drawing boards

Merlyn Gabriel said...

not unfortunate if you already own one!! I just have extra because I manage to find them at flea markets here, these things are awesome for scribing on the run and they make doing lines, especially with an ames lettering guide.

Camele0pard said...

I would love to have one. I have no idea which one is better, so either one is fine. And I already have an ames lettering guide, since you gave me one. *yay you!*

Merlyn Gabriel said...

okay I think as far as these boards go both are fine, tho the Rotring name is better known to me and the carry case is kinda cool, sort of a hard plastic so you can tote the thing around.It has a handle etc...

both boards are the same size and have the same function so I guess it comes down to aesthetics. But I'll hold the rotring for you if you like.