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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

backlog AoA & Panache

A long-overdue backlog, which I was pleased with: I coined the text, based on advice in 'Book of the Courtier, ‘Of the chief conditions and qualityes in a wayting gentylwoman', my lord Robert made some small edits, and I'm happy with the calligraphy.
I chose the text to reflect Katherine's skills in costuming, esp. making her husband Ozbeg lovely Lanceknicht and Mongol clothing, and handsome Tudor gowns for herself.
Trinite painted the initial, and it's the splash of colour that makes it look finished. And we even got her Grace Allessandre Melusine to sign it, so only one sig is 'forged'.
I even get to hand it to the recipient on Wednesday at fight practice.

The text is as follows:

From ye king & queen to whom these presents show God grant you good health & peace be upon you. Having heard ye goodly reports of ye gentlewoman Katherine of Thamesreach, to wit – being well-born and of a good house, accompanying sober and quiet manners with a livelie quicknesse of wit, she hath the understandinge how to ordre her husbandes cloathing & substance & his household, and setting out her beaute and disposition of person with meete garments yt beste become her ye which she hath made after the facion of ye most, of some darkishe and sad colour not garish, therefore for her doing ye exercises meete for women comlye and with a good grace, do we Peregrine and Alessandre Melusine King & Queen of Drachenwald, install Katherine of Thamesreach to ye ordre of ye Panache, that alle these facions, comely exercises & noble virtues may be commune to a greate many. All rights and priveleges apertaining thereto including ye right to bear arms in our Society are likewise hers. Done this xxiiij day of February AS XXXV at Champions of ye Isles by our hand & seal.


Melisende Fitzwalter said...

That is really lovely and I love the text!

Lia de Thornegge said...

You do that hand so well, Genevieve. I like the text too.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

wow that looks just fantastic!!!!!

Trinite Ducalon said...

Yes she does do that hand so well.. I'm jealous!