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Friday, June 26, 2009

more medieval ships

Last October Trinite had mentioned wanting to find more images of ships for use in PCS scrolls, and Ysabella-Maria and I posted some that we found (see http://dragonscribes.blogspot.com/2008_10_01_archive.html). I'm about to start working on some more PCS scrolls, and none of those really piqued my inspiration (well, unless anyone can get me a scroll text that starts with "Z"?) So I went googling for some more images, and thought I'd share what I found (which was, frustratingly, still not much!):

An awesome 13th-century Arabian ship, from http://www.arabian-archaeology.com/arch2islamic.htm:
Middle Eastern ship

A ship from the Manesse codex:

A ship from a medieval Bulgarian fresco, from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_Bulgarian_Navy:


Trinite Ducalon said...

Awesome! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

can you tell the origin of the images