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Sunday, June 21, 2009

period AoA text

Oh, the things you find while googling!

Whenever I get a new or backlog scroll assignment, the first thing I do is google the recipient's name, to see if I can find out anything particular about the person so I can personalize the scroll if possible. Just recently doing that turned up a page of Period Swedish Award of Arms text, translated into English and adapted to SCA usage by Frithiof Sigvardsson Skägge. (There's also a knight's oath). For one of the two Dragon's Bowles that I did for Coronation this weekend, I adapted the adaptation of the text of the award of arms done 15 February 1554 by King Gustaf I Vasa of Sweden for Joen Karlsson. Frithiof's adaption of the text read:
We [name] and [name], by Right of Arms King and Queen of Drachenwald, make it known that We by exceptional favour and grace, so also for true and faithful service to us and our Realm, gives [name], as long as he/she may live, with this Our open letter, freedom and exemption from tax and dues on all the estates he/she owns in Drachenwald, and that may come to him/her by marriage, inheritance, or gift, and also give him/her Shield and Device that is [blazon]. That [name] these estates under right exemptions in the service of Us and Drachenwald like all other noble men and women in Our Realm may enjoy, use, and keep, and that no one any let or hinderance make, by our displeasure, We here below ascribe Our names.

Given in [place] the [date],


Since the Dragons Bowle is an order, and not the granting of rights to arms, so I had to change it some. Here's the text I came up with:
Make it known that we, Gerhardt and Judith, by right of arms king of the glorious kingdom of Drachenwald and our fair queen, for his exceptional favour and grace, so also for true scholarship and notable attention to all the accoutrements that make a man noble and gentle, invite Arenwald von Hagenburg, with this our open letter, into our Order of the Dragons Bowle, and give to him the right to bear the badge of the order, a dragon passant coward sable charged with a bowl per pale or and gules as depicted more plainly below. That the said Arenwald may enjoy, use, and keep, and that no one any let or hindrance make, by our displeasure, all rights attendant upon membership in the said order, we here below ascribe our names.

Given at Holmrike the xxth of June in the year of the society xlii.

And here's the scroll:

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Genevieve la flechiere said...

Splendid! I hope to use the period text for AoAs.
Thank you for posting!