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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

a small and slightly scrappy piece

This small work is a 'passport' or letter of commendation for one of our shire members, who is moving to Atlantia. She's been locally active, and she wanted something to show her new B&B to introduce her. I'd have gotten the viceregal signature (and suitable text) if I'd had time, but had a planning failure (ie. I forgot til the day of delivery).
It's a bit scrappy because it was done in some haste, w/out a practice piece first.
My lord Robert coined the text - he now has a wiki page to keep all his assorted texts, poetry and sources in one place.
In the typed text, 'y' represents a 'thorn' so 'ye', with a small E above the thorn, is actually sounded as 'the', 'ys' as 'these' and 'yt' as 'that'.
I'm also fond of ampersands (&) , because they're so flourish-y to write. :-)

Here's the text of the piece:

Unto Girard le Bourguignon & Gueniévre de Monmarché, Baron & Baroness of Windmasters Hill & to all others to whom ys present letters come, know that Bryggyt Stangeways has been ys ii years past resident in the Shire of Thamesreach, of which time she hath proved of Gentle conduct, in all ways comporting herself within ye bounds of Law & serving the Shire in all her power in such matters of Law & Charity as are in her competence. Therefore do I, Genevieve la flechiere, Seneschal of Thamesreach commend her unto yr Excellencies keeping & pray she may find welcome in yr lands as in time past she has in these for love of good and by way of charity

writ ys day of St. Brendan the Navigator in the Manor of Haggerston Thamesreach


Trinite Ducalon said...

That is a charming little letter! Nice!

Lia de Thornegge said...

Ampersands -are- awesome!

Nice little letter of introduction. It's a cool idea from conception on.

brooke said...

that is a neat idea. i may have to move to atlantia myself in the cominf year...;)