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Friday, July 24, 2009

Scriptorium roundup, and planning for Raglan

Greetings good cousins,
Just a note to thank Lady Melisende for doing the hard work of the scriptorium at Fight of Brothers.
I'm afraid I suffered on Saturday from staying up too late with Master Etienne's household, and retired for much of the afternoon!
Thanks to Melisende, students were taught, and scrolls were delivered for court. I also saw one very attractive blank painted over the course of the day by Lady Catelin.

I'm waiting on details from Raglan fair organisers about A&S space - what we have, how it's allocated, scheduling - and where we can fit in a scriptorium. When I have more info, I'll post to lists and this blog.
As all the site is open to the public during the day, please be aware you may spend some time answering questions from visitors.
If you're interested in either 'staffing' scriptorium, or just taking part, please contact me!

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Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

I'm planning to bring my scribal supplies with and look forward to joining in the scriptorium!