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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Scriptoriums at coming events in ID

Greetings happy scriveners, from Genevieve,
In a fit of enthusiasm (and with Lady Trinite Signet's support), I've offered to drive scriptoriums at two coming events in ID: Battle of Brothers (17-19 July) and Raglan Fair (20-24 August).

HE Ursula (B of B steward) has assured me of space and time in schedule for the Battle of Brothers. Still waiting to hear from organisers at Raglan, but since there is some(?) space for A&S this year, I'm hoping we can share.

These scriptoriums aren't intended as classes, just as space and time during the event to sit and putter at current projects, flip through someone else's scribal books :-) and chat about the joys and challenges of C&I, with scribes new and not-so-new.

It's a great chance to do scroll blanks, if you haven't a current project going.

If someone wants to offer a class, please do! and we can use the space accordingly. Contact the respective A&S organisers, and just keep me in the loop.

I'll bring what books I can - more are welcome! (Put your name in them, to make sure they go home with the right person.) This would be particularly welcome at Battle of Brothers, as I'm probably taking public transport to the event...

If you want to do a 'shift' at a scriptorium (basically make sure someone is at the table, keeping an eye on the books and supplies), please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer, regards,

Genevieve la flechiere

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Merlyn Gabriel said...

sounds like fun!!!