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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another document scroll

I penned a copy of the indenture between Sir Vitus and Lord Edricus, his first squire, that was witnessed by HRM Judith at Raglan.
Strictly speaking, there should have been two copies ready at the same time, penned on the same page, torn to show that they are written at the same time - but this scribe was flat out pre-Raglan and could only manage one copy ready for the event - second one is in process.
However, I'm pleased with it, and Edricus seems so too (see his photo from his Flickr site, because I'm having trouble uploading images - be sure to look at the hugest version to see all the glory!).
Lord Robert drafted the text, based on a period example from 1347 - posted to his Forsooth blog. I got a bit tired of writing 'aforesaid' and several other of the turns of phrase, but they make the document real.

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Merlyn Gabriel said...

that is just lovely!