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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Recent recommendations for your booklists from BL

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Robert and I browsed the British Library display on Sunday, after dropping my mum off at King's Cross (we were running late so we'll have to get the Station 9 3/4 picture on her return). And no visit is complete without a browse through the bookstore.
Robert is very cautious on these trips and sees it has his job to act as my financial conscience (and having just dropped a wad on a special book for him, I was, in fact, skint in the book budget dept)...but I came away with three splendid titles to recommend, and to put on the wishlist.
BTW: BL Bookshop says 20% off all online shopping in September!
All these books are less than £20, so they're really very reasonable - and the medieval dress one is now in paperback.

This one's for aryanhwy (in her search for images of ships)
Ships and Shipping in Medieval Manuscripts
Author:Joe Flatman
ISBN:978 0 7123 4960 4
Hardback, 144 pages, 280 x 216mm, 150 colour illustrations
Vividly brought to life with 150 diverse images Ships and Shipping in Medieval Manuscripts paints a vibrant picture of maritime life during an era of unprecedented expansion.

Medieval Dress and Fashion
Author: Margaret Scott
ISBN:978 0 7123 5067 9 (ppbk)
208 pages, 280 x 216 mm, 140 colour illustrations
This is the first book deliberately to focus on dress as it is depicted in the illuminated manuscript, and to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of illuminations as source material, as well as indicating how dress would have been understood by the manuscripts’ original owners.

Table of Contents
Dressing the Great and the Good, c.840–c.1100
The Start of Fashion, c.1100–c.1300
Fashion and Formality, c.1300–c.1400
Dressing Everybody, c.1400–c.1500
Dressing the Present and the Past, c.1500–c.1570

...and here I was torn - between fashion and calligraphy:

Guide to Scripts Used in English Writings up to 1500
Author:Jane Roberts
Price £19.95 £15.96
328 pages, 12 colour and 70 b/w illustrations, 276 x 219 mm, Paperback
Despite a resurgence of interest in the history of the English language there is currently no book available to introduce readers to the scripts used in Old and Middle English writing. The best way to gain a sense of the changes in scripts across time is via visual example, and this book seeks to show the reader just why Middle English is different from Old English and at the same time to explain how the change is gradual.

As you can imagine, it was hard to pry me out of the shop.


Melisende Fitzwalter said...

Aaarggh! I'm going there tonight!

Goes off to count pennies....

Genevieve la flechiere said...

Let me know what you buy, I'd love to have a longer fondle of any of them!