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Sunday, October 11, 2009

C&I workshop in Isengau

I'm posting this on behalf of Ælfwynn Leoflæde dohtor, who isn't a member of this blog. She and her husband, Conrad zer Rüben, will be hosting a calligraphy & illumination workshop in two weeks, on Sunday October 25, starting at 10am and lasting all day. People of all skill and interest levels are invited to come. The excuse for this workshop is that I'll be visiting that weekend, and bringing books and supplies. We'll be looking through pictures, talking about design theory, and practicing both calligraphy and illumination. If you're interested in coming, please contact Ælfwynn at aelfcatte@yahoo.com, for directions to her place. If you can, please bring whatever supplies you have -- paintbrushes, paints, paper, calligraphy ink, nibs, nib bases. Ælfwynn will have some supplies that can be borrowed, and I'll be bringing more that can be borrowed, as well as watercolor paper for practicing. I also hope to be bringing some pergamenta for people to make (or at least start) a scroll blank.

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Racaire said...

Wish you a great event - to bad that it is to far away for me to come...