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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guild Charter...

...for the Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild

I think it would be nice if I tell the whole story concerning this big 'scroll' :)

Everything started with the reworked "Dragon's Needle Embroidery Guild Charter" - finally an approved Guild Charter now - and the idea to get it signed at University.
I wasn't sure about the scroll design,... before I visited the "Charles the Bold" exhibition the second time - this time with Master Giano - and while I was talking about my charter design problems with Master Giano, I fell in love with some of the documents there and discussed with Master Giano the possibilities of such a document... and I also fell in love with the idea of a signed and sealed document :)
First I thought that it is not possible to get a signed and sealed charter but Facebook was very helpful concerning this question - some people suggested, that there is a Drachenwald seal available and after writing a message to our gentle Royals, I got a message that there is a Drachenwald seal available and that they would love to use it :)

Back in Germany Master Giano sent me two sheets of A3 pergamenata because I only have A4 size at home - that's good for lovely AoA scrolls but not for 2 pages of printed charter text - the pergamenata sheets were folded two times for the snail mail transport from Germany to Vienna and unfolded with some books on top of them for some days I could get them rather flat again.
I was very afraid that I wouldn't get the whole text on one A3 page - therefore and to practise the Bastarda, I tried to write a part of the text down using different nibs (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2655/4006486186_15ba066c03.jpg) and compared how much place I needed for the text in relation to the printed A4 text to get sure that I can get the whole text on the paper...

...I decided to take a "4" nib for the first line and a "6" for the rest of the text - I have to admit that I recognized that I already used the "6" nib for the first line when I finished writing it *ups* *lol*
It took me about 7hours to complete the scroll and some minutes to get rid of some small mistakes...

Now I just need the text for the folded bottom part where the Royals will sign the document and I want to make a small 'pre'-seal part for the document to make the sealing easier and faster and to prevent the seal from braking easily...

My main inspiration for this scroll:
-> Bestätigung des Ehevertrages - "Karl der Kühne stimmt der Heirat seiner Tochter Maria mit Maximilian von Österreich bedingungslos zu" - Lausanne, 6. Mai 1476
...and concerning the red lines:
-> Mündliches Testament der Maria von Burgund - "Maria verunglückt bei der Jagd. Auf dem Sterbebett diktiert sie ihren letzten Willen" - Brügge, 24. März 1482


Melisende Fitzwalter said...

What a lovely idea. Well done!

Racaire said...

Thank you :D