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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Miss Mc Posty at it again....some rare out of print books and where to get them

After spending some time browsing through the interwebs world of used books ( I love it) I found these two gems.... anyone with some extra spending money and lust for really decent books should take a gander because these two are worth it.

Images in the Margins of Gothic Manuscripts.

This Scandinavian site is offering the book at 400 kr, or 78 US or around 55 euro. I paid over 100. USD for my copy and this book is a must for anyone interested in Gothic marginalia. I think when I was in university I had it out on permanent loan.

Lilian Randall

2. ROXBURGHE CLUB. BACKHOUSE (JANET) EDITOR. John Scottowe's Alphabet Books. ( those really cool alphabets you saw in one of my earlier posts... this book has lots of images.)

This is a fairly rare book with limited printing. The price here is GBP 75.00 (Appr.: EURO 81.25 US$ 122.1 ) This is a great price considering I just saw it for over 200. USD elsewhere, plus the shipping site is in the UK so it will be easier for anyone ordering in Europe.

Scottowe's alphabet book

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