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Monday, November 23, 2009

Admin stuff

It's that time of year again when I sweep through this blog and remove dead or inactive links etc...

If you are a kingdom scribe and are active and wish to participate in this community then email me ( see side bar for link) with your info. If you have a scribe blog of your own or an image gallery to share please also send me the link.

If you are on the list of authors but you have not been active for over a year I will remove you as an author. You can still read and comment on posts but I don't see a reason to keep authors on the list if they do not contribute. The idea of this community was active participation so that everyone who wanted to can learn and grow etc, yadda yadda... If you do not want to lose your author status then let me know and please contribute.

If you have requested author status and it hasn't happened re email me sometimes I miss the mail.

If you are a scribe in the kingdom and you're seeing this for the first time and you want to help out with Kingdom scroll work please contact the Kingdom Signet Clerk, Trinite ( address on the side bar) who is amazing and doesn't bite for more information.

As always... this is not an official anything to do with Drachenwald blog but more a virtual scriptorium so that this Kingdom's scribes could learn, share and give thought without having to spend tons of cash to go places ( not that we don't like to go places but sometimes it's nice to stay home as well). Anything scribal goes including where to get supplies, books we love or hate, museum images and items you want to swap, share or sell and so on. This is our scriptorium so use it to it's full advantage.

On uploading images. I know some people have some issues so I reccomend picasa which is tied into blogger and google. It is insanely easy to upload stuff to the blog via picasa and it is a great photo store upload web space place. No they don't pay me to say these things but having used many other image hosting sites I can say this one is the easiest I have found so far.

I think that's it for now.


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