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Friday, December 04, 2009

Answering Questions

Gabrielle has questions.... and I have some answers... if anyone has things to add PLEASE do.

So here we go.

1. what is a URL?

A URL is a "Uniform Resource Locator" in plain English it is the address of the website you want. for example www.blogger.com is a URL.

---- from http://websearch.about.com/od/dailywebsearchtips/qt/dnt0526.htm

Web sites are found by their addresses. Each web site has a URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, assigned to it. This is how a URL is broken down:
  • http://websearch.about.com/od/dailywebsearchtips/qt/dnt0526.htm is our example.
  • http://: type of file
  • domain name: location of the file's web server is at websearch.about.com.
  • backslash,then file name: path or directory on the computer to this file; which in our case is "od/dailywebsearchtips/qt". You're just basically moving from sub-directory to sub-directory here.
  • name of file: name of file, usually ending in .html or .htm. My file name is "dnt052

for a more detailed, technical explanation go here;


2. what are tags?

Essentially tags are keywords used to classify content. The blog uses these tags, these words to help categorize the posts and to help both people and search engines find specific subjects. Some people use them some people don't. It's up to you. Just remember to separate your words with a comma as shown in the example under the labels for this post. Genevieve is really good at using tags well.



3. how do I post some of my recent work to this blog?

In order to post you must be an invited member of the blog. Once you are you can speak to the world, upload images and share stuff to the blog by creating a post. In order to post you click on the new post button ( should be on the upper right hand quadrant of your screen)

New post page should pop up giving you a blank field for writing and a tool bar at the top of the blank box. To post images you click on the little picture icon between the abc and the film strip and follow the upload instructions there.

You have options to upload images from your computer or from an external site. If you use the upload from your computer you will be directed to your own files and you will need to know where to look for your images to do this. Please remember about image size.

If you have your images stored on external pages you can copy and paste the URL ( that address thing) into the space provided and blogger does the rest.

If you REALLY have issues with this I can do it for you if you send me the files as admin I can edit the posts and do all that god-like admin stuff.

Once you've written your post and added any images you want and you are done you click the publish post button ( orange bottom left) and the blog does the rest.

4. does it have to be SCA-related?

Well technically no but posts should be calligraphy, illumination, medieval art and in that vein related. This blog is a virtual scriptorium for Drachenwald scribes so really think of it as a big library conference room in which we all gather to discuss ideas, share books, information, pictures and so on without having to move our butts off the computer chair. Think of yourselves as guests in this scriptorium and work from there.

Look back through the archives to see what sort of things people post about and that will give you the best idea of how we do stuff.

I allow pretty free range here because I believe that great ideas come out of this fluidity and restricting that is unproductive but by the same token posting about star trek or how your day was is irrelevant to the scriptorium. I will remove such posts and suggest you create a personal blog, as so many of us do, to tell the world about your mundane or not so mundane daily lives.

Trust me we love our blogs and the network is big. This is a great way to meet your fellow scribes most of whom have their own pages ( check out the side bar for the links)

Speaking of links if you have a website that shows off your work and you want to share it send me an email with the link and I will add it to the side bar.

the rules are simple.

1. Be polite even when giving a critique. It's okay to critique in fact we encourage it but be constructive. ( THis suX posts will be - ahem - edited for politeness)

2. Don't be a grammar nazi ( yes I did just use this term) not everyone here is a native english speaker. ( and some of us who are don't really care too much about that whole grammar thing when posting in a hurry)

3. Have fun.

hope this helps.

Bridget also known as merlyn or geek-goddess and who now returns you to your regular medieval blogging. Have a great day.

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