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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

the Spanish, they do weird (but pretty!) things

I was trolling through google images today trying to find a wide selection of grants and patents of arms to get some ideas for the scroll that I have to have done by this weekend (yeah, not even started yet, I know, bad scribe!), and while what I'm looking for for this project is English examples, I found some Spanish examples which were just way too cool:

First, Spanish Armorial Certificates has a number of pictures of 16th C (and later) Spanish grants of arms.

Second, there's Sixteenth Century Spanish Grants of Armorial Bearings to Indigenous Mexican Indians, with an amazing picture of one from 1559.

Third, this grant looks unlike any of the English ones I've ever seen, in its layout and format.

Fun stuff!


Leonor said...

The last one is part of a 19-page book-form patent of arms--a lot of the Spanish grants/patents were bound books (some 60+ pages) with extensive testimonials from everyone who knew the armiger (humanist and italic text, a sort of Italian illumination style). Often the first page would contain a portrait of the Crown. It looks fairly typical for that style, but I don't know of book-form patents/grants being used in England.

Spanish grants of arms are really interesting, and I hadn't seen more of these links before. Thank you for posting!

Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

That's interesting about the book-form grants being common in Spain. I'm not sure I've seen any examples in England!