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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hurrah, finished

...and delivered to the recipient - text was ready on the day, but finished painting and decor since then. Original is at University of Glasgow, MS Hunter 409, a 15thc copy of Romaunt de la Rose, translated from French by Mr G. Chaucer. (I'm doing a number of scrolls with this hand and illumination style, but this was one of the first.)

Thomas Flamanc's Sigillum Coronae - wording by my lord Robert, available from his wiki Forsooth:

GERHARDT, by the grace of God, king of Drachenwald and Prince of Insulae Draconis, at the Court holden at Foxlease in NewForest the VIIIth day of January, in the year of the reign of King Gerhardt, the second of that name after the foundation.

For his works to the pleasure of all the Good, the wealth, prosperity and surety of this realm of Drachenwald, to the singular comfort of all the King’s concerns of the same and in strenuous avoidance of all ambiguities and unruly questions, it is ordained, established and enacted by authority of this present court, that the Sigillum Coronae of King Gerhardt of the Realm of Drachenwald with all the permanence and royal dignity to the same favour pertaining, with all badges rights and titles thereto in any wise due or pertaining, is bestowed, given, accorded and invested on the most worthy person of our welbeloved lord thomas Flamanc of Kelsale, perpetually by the grace of King Gerhardt so to endure and in none other.

Closely modelled after the Recognition of the Title of Henry VII (1485. 1 Henry VII. c. 1. 2 S. R. 499.) (Adams & Stephens)

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