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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A GoA from Double Wars

...now delivered safely to Lady Lia. :-)

It's based on a 15th c page from Arundel 66 in the British Library (see below).

While it's not perfect, I'm pleased with the calligraphy, because I used spacing more like the original (working on every line, rather than allowing spacing lines).

It's the most ambitious illumination I've done yet - again, not perfect, but when I look at it today, I see fewer of the flaws I saw just after finishing it.

Its layout is a bit odd, because upon finishing what I thought was the longest text imaginable, I still had a quarter of the page empty - oh noes! So Robert and I scoured our books of poetry in the house, in search of something to fill the space. I lucked out with a 14th c verse, part of a much larger piece, but very apt, praising a lady's virtues. I decided their Majesties wouldn't mind having this as their words.

What you cannot see from the picture from the BL is that the original is about A3 sized, 2x as big as a standard page. The initial is enormous, and is equal to the height of 17 lines(!). So this scroll is scaled down, about 80% of the original, and the initial smaller again.

I also entered a blank in the scroll blank competition, with a much scaled down initial...which charmingly, Lia (recipient of the Grant) used for kingdom court.

Text is as follows:

To alle to whom these presents come from ye king & queen:
Arms are granted when justice desires and reason demands that those persons of vertue and great heart shall be by their deserts and renown rewarded in this life by certain signs and shows of nobility, in order that others shall be moved also to pass their days in virtuous works.
For this reason do we, ThorvaldR and Fiona king and queen of Drachenwald, announce and affirm that the gentlewoman Lia de Thornegge has followed the paths of vertue and art; who
being well-born and of a good house; havinge the vertues of wisdome, noblenesse of courage, temperance, continency, and discretion; being seen in the most necessarie languages, and also draweing and peinting and ‘broidered works;
she hath the understandinge how to ordre her cloathing & substance, with meete garments yt beste become her, the which she hath made after the facion of the most, making semblant to bestowe no labour about it nor yet to minde it; doing the exercises meete for women comlye and with a good grace.
Thus do we the aforementioned King & Queen invest Lia de Thornegge with a Grant of Arms, that alle these facions, comely exercises & noble virtues may be commune to a greate many.
She shall be in all places and in the company of other worthy and noble men and women received counted numbered and acclaimed as honourable. All rights & priveleges apertaining thereto including te right to arms in our Society are likewise hers. Done this day of May AS XLV at Double Wars by our hand & seal.

She is coral of godeness
She is rubie of ryghtfulnesse
She is crystal of clennesse
And baner of beute (beauty)
She is lilie of largesse
She is parvenke of prowesse
She is solsecle of swetnesse
And lady of leute (loyalty)

Blow northerne wind
Send thou me my swetyng
Blow northerne wind
Blow blow blow

Text sources: ‘Chief conditions and qualityes in a waytyng gentylwoman’, Book of the Courtier, trans to English in 1561 by Sir Thomas Hoby, ed. Walter Raleigh
Grant of Arms for Richard Andrew of Worcester, 20 Henry VIII, c. 1539, trans Dr. J.A. McGowan
Poem from ‘Ichot a byrde in boure bryght’, c. 1395, Harley 2253


Lia de Thornegge said...

It is fabulous. I love your hand, Genevieve, and I am -so- pleased to have a scroll with it on.

And the poem was actually read out in court before they called me up and before they said anything of what it was about. I was quite moved. I am quite moved. I was shaking like a leaf and with sweaty palms tried to touch the scroll as little as possible :)

It will be properly framed and displayed in my home.

Merlyn Gabriel said...

That looks lovely. And congratulations Lia!

Aryanhwy merch Catmael said...

So wonderful! Such a beautiful scroll for such a deserving recipient.

Elsa said...

I missed this because I was putting young Otto to bed! The scroll is amazing, and I am really impressed by the wording. I might steel that poem for my own purposes...

And a really worthy recipient, as many have pointed out!