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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Using a scroll blank for Coronet Tourney

Lady Arianrhod o Gymru provided me with a lovely initial D scroll blank, based on a late 15th c Austrian exemplar early this year, and I finally had opportunity to use it, for an AoA.
I also used her text, based on a 15thc grant of arms. It's a little text-heavy at the top, as I wasn't certain how much space it would take up, but I was a bit too conservative.
Once the blazon is finished and the escutcheon (shield) filled in, it will look much more balanced.
You'll notice I had to squeeze in the princess' title in the last line. That's what you get for doing scrolls in front of the TV.
I especially like the line in the text that 'you inspire us so much, all we want to do is go out and do great feats of arms and virtuous works ourselves'.
These are photos, not scans, taken shortly before we packed to go to Ireland, so are not the best quality.

Scroll text as follows:
Declare to all both present and future who shall see or hear these present letters. William and AEringunnr Princeps greetings.
Justice desires and reason demands that those men of virtue and great heart shall be by their deserts and renown rewarded in this life by certain signs and shows of honour and nobility, in order that others should be moved also to pass their days in feats of arms and virtuous works. For this reason we, the abovementioned prince and princess of Insulae Draconis, announce and affirm that Brian the Courteous has followed the paths of virtue, especially in training in the arts of defense and his service to the shire of Eplaheimr to an extent that he is worthy and deserving of Arms. He shall be in all places and in the company of other worthy and noble men received counted numbered and acclaimed as honourable. And so all may know of his nobility we award him the right to bear arms registered with our College of Arms. [gap for blazon - I've told Brian he can return the scroll for finishing when he registers arms]
In witness whereof I William Prince of these Isles and I AEringunnr Princess as stated above have placed signed with our own hands, done this 19th day of August as XLV at Coronet tourney.

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Racaire said...

lovely work! :)

...from an SCA member living in Austria :)