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Monday, November 29, 2010

Recent scroll for Aarnimetsa Academy - first attempt at a late-period work

One of the last-minute assignments for Aarnimetsa Academy last weekend was for a recipient who has a 16th c persona.

I first thought to try a humanist hand, but time was short, so I opted to look for something in batarde or secretary that might still be in use in the 16th c. I was also looking for something with really, really simple capital letters.

I lucked out in a book called 'Painted Prayers', a catalogue from an exhibit at Pierpont Morgan Library (MSS not online, unfortunately). The book of hours is dated 1509, because it has an almanac that runs from 1508 to 1544, and is attributed to Paris workshops.

The funny part to me is that the book's text is actually printed, with hand-painted illumination. The font imitates an attractive and familiar hand of the time. So I am reproducing, by hand, a printed text, which in turn is imitating a handwritten book script...

It was my first try at something this late-period, but I think I got a good representation of the hand, and chose just a couple of elements of the decor. There is a lot to choose from in the artwork, but I stuck to what I was certain would work on short notice.

The pics of the scroll are photos, not scans, so they're not perfect - one is 'in progress', with a brush for scale (this is a small scroll, penned with my smallest round nib - another first for me) and the other is the finished work, photographed with flash. It reminds me that books are very poor at conveying the real colours and effects of real gold. My painted column is a reasonably good match for the colour of the L. border of the illumination in the book, but goodness knows if it's close to the real colour in real life.

Anyway: I was pleased to turn out something quickly and attractively that fits within the 16thc look.

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