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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Admin stuff

Greetings wonderful scribes, dedicated readers and honoured guests,

For the new members just joining us please post an introduction of yourself to the group. While lurking can be fun we're a small group and we would very much like to get to know who you are. If you have your own gallery you'd like linked on the side bar email me I'll link it. While I understand people can be shy this here is a friendly place we won't bite and we really LOVE pictures.

I do cull inactive members from time to time usually after a year or so because this group is about participation and if you don't post or don't want to post you can still read and comment without being a member.

This is not an official Drachenwald website and while I don't mind announcements being posted on a variety of scribal related themes please don't abuse it. This is not a bulletin board it's a virtual scriptorium.

People come here for advice, help, and opinions or just to have their work admired so if you do comment please be polite but by the same token if the poster has asked for opinions on his or her works positive critiques are welcome and often sought out so don't be afraid to offer critique as long as it's done in a civil manner I am sure we can all agree it's a good thing. We are here to learn and to teach.

The blog was started in Nov 2006 so I think we've done quite well to still be a fairly active group. If anyone has questions or find broken links etc... feel free to email me. If you are after scribal work for the kingdom then please email the Signet Clerk, her email is also on the side bar. And if you are browsing be sure to check out all the really amazing galleries.

other than that happy scribing
Mistress Bridget

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