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Sunday, January 30, 2011




Vnto thasembled wrytters of wryts, al due comendaciune from Arianrhod o Gymru, Argywlddes, Compagnon of the Pannash.

Y be as bee euident a Welchwomman wt sum curieuse ressemblaunce to a Scots pyrate long agoo in the Royaulme of thEst.

Scripsi this past score yeres or more, though duryng some ten yeres Y was dormaunte.


To the assembled scribes of Drachenwald, greetings and all due commendation from Lady Arianrhod from Wales, companion of the Panache.

I am, as is fairly patently evident a Welshwoman (with a curious resemblance to a Scots pirate of the East in years past).

I have scribed for the past twenty years or so, though I gafiated for about a decade.

Mundanely, I have a PhD in Early Modern English, good access to the BL, and specialise in words and wordings. My profile pic is of the best instance I've done of Egerton 1146, which I want a full facsimile of. One day I'll go to the BL and ask much they charge for a scan of various pages. And then faint. I've attached a couple of other Egerton 1146 projects.

OK, I am also a Luddite. How do I get this to intersperse the pix with my text? It won't let me drag them. The cursor was where I wanted them when I uploaded them.



Sara L. Uckelman said...

Welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for my awesome Panache scroll, it means so much to me and occupies pride of place in my craft room :)

- Ameline

Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

where did you want the text placed exactly?

Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

Oh and welcome to the Virtual Scriptorium, I hope you enjoy it!! It's great to see you here!

Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

best way to put the text where you want it after the pictures have been uploaded is to go into edit html mode on the editor box and actually cut and paste the text into the areas you want.

If you are uncomfortable with that what sometimes ( but not always works for me is to click on the image and use the add caption to get some space between the uploaded pictures and then use the cursor to add spaces underneath the cut and paste the desired text where you want it.

Blogger's formatting with pictures makes it a bit annoying sometimes. If it gets messed up there is an "undo button" looks like a left facing circular arrow top left hand corner of the editing box.

Generally I tend to add one picture at a time and add the text as I go before I upload the next picture. When I don't do that then I go into the edit html box and work from there. If all else fails let me know what you want done and I can edit it for you.