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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

slightly OT: an oversized scribing job?

His Majesty asked me to paint his shield with the kingdom arms.

I reviewed the current images of the kingdom arms in use, but found that the dragon is a bit too short, plump and 'cute' for my taste. Dragons are supposed to be fierce, not adorable!

So the dragon I painted is less polished than recent renditions, but is longer-bodied and (hopefully) fearsome.

The laurel wreath is technically supposed to be around the dragon-and-forest; but at the same time, in heraldry you use the charges to fill the space provided. This is not a perfect interpretation of the kingdom arms, but I think he'll still be recogniseable on the field.

The brilliant yellow is in fact an entire spray can of automotive body paint - it will probably outlast the shield itself.

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