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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some recent work

Two pieces based on the same exemplar, a 16th c printed and illuminated book of hours:
A Panache, given at 12th night by Ulfr and Caoimhe (left), and Companion of Albion, given to Baroness Margaret de May, by HRM Vitus, last weekend at Polderslot's winter feast.
I'm afraid my photos don't do either one justice, taken in limited light.
The Albion is on goatskin parchment, which Vitus and Guliette very generously gave to scribes at the end of their term as Viceroy and Vicereine a couple of years ago. Once more, it was a joy to work on, and survived my mistakes easily.

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Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

hey I'd love to show off the Albion on the queen's blog would you mail me the picture?