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Saturday, February 19, 2011

some current work

Just some fun with gold.


Genevieve la flechiere said...

Is this 'flat' or raised? It looks a teeny bit raised, but not in a bulbous curvy way.
My gum ammoniac is still soaking, and the gum arabic is waiting for me to sit down to play!

Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

this is mostly pretty flat. The sugar gesso has a bit of a lift because otherwise there's not quite enough on the paper to stick the gold on but mostly this is illusion here and it is in real life, quite flat.

Karen said...


I was in love with a neighbors book growing up that was in the same font, and had the same heavy beautiful borders and the same style of pictures. I *loved* it. I have been searching for it and this is the first thing in years that I have seen that is anything like what that book looked like. I even asked my parents to try to try to track down the neighbors for it. It was a children's book and I am pretty sure it was big and had a hard cover, but was not that thick. I was born 1975, so I think I would have been looking at this book late 70's early 80's. Do you have any idea what book that might have been?
Your work is breath taking. Beautiful and so creative. It brings back memories.