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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Progress on backlog Laurel scroll

Hi again,
Continuing on from the gilding pictures, here's the stage I'm up to now. I've done the skinny straight lines topped with white, done all the coloured bits in the border area, done the initial. What's left to do? The great big hole in the middle! ...and last of all will be the 'telephone scribble' finishing off the border. My deadline is in 1 week - fingers crossed I manage it!

Oh, and I ended up just painting straight on to the gold leaf for the heraldic shield after all - no extra step involved. I just painted over and over until the paint held it's shape. Takes a bit of perseverence but it basically works.

Here are a couple of pics: click on 'em to see an enlarged view.


Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

I believe the word gobsmacked comes to mind. Just gorgeous.

Ari said...

I see that doing gilding the long way, using multi-step gesso, is indeed better than the one-step gilding I have from Cornelissen's. This looks lovely!

Maybe when I have income again...

Genevieve la flechiere said...

I've seen it in person, and no photo does it justice. Nerissa's detailing in the figures and acanthus florals is extraordinary, and the gold just leaps out at you. It's a pleasure to see it grow.