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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Work in Progress - laurel scroll for LAJ

Hi all.
I've managed to beat the procrastination and have got a bit more work done on this backlog scroll for LAJ. She's Alaric's best friend, who made that fab embroidered blue houppelande we all love to see him in.

Anyway. I've use three different bits of gilding on this scroll. First step was putting down three layers (over consecutive nights) of white-glue (wood glue) gesso as a shape/base. Next was painting over those areas and the other little bitty areas using Kolner Miniatum which already has a lovely thick body to it. I'm now wondering if I really needed to do the white-glue part. The third and final stage was the flat gold which, as you can see, shows the skin texture as it hugs the goat parchment so closely. The glue I used for this was Daler-Rowney writer's gold size.


Nerissa said...

I added red to the white-glue gesso. BTW, click on the images to see them larger.

Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

okay can you explain to me how the wood glue works because I have tried it with no success at all.

BTW looks lovely, your gold is a very different colour from mine.

Nerissa said...

The gold looks more yellow in the pics than in life. What I did was mix a small amount of wood-glue with about two pinches of icing sugar (fine sugar) and a few drops of water, plus some paint. I'll use a pale yellow next time rather than red. Mix well (keep in small airtight jar), stomping it on tabletop a few times each day for a week. Gets airbubbles out. Then use as you like. Allow at least a full day to dry, between coats.
Actual adherence of gold is achieved by using a gold size on top of this. The Miniatum is fab for this - great mirror finish! The 3d-ness means getting right in there when putting on the gold. I use transfer gold leaf, its easier. Finish by rubbing gently circular motion, using burnisher or agate bead etc, but through crystal paper.

Nerissa said...

Amount of wood-glue about 20-30ml. Amount of water - hardly any. You want it really gluggy. Difficult to paint with, there's a real knack to it. Same with the Miniatum.

Merlyn/fiona/Bridget said...

great thanks. I had not realised there was a size involved. That explains why it didn't work when I tried it before. LOL