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Sunday, June 05, 2011

adim stuff

once again it's that time of the year where I do some admin stuff.

1. We have a face book fan site, see the box at the side to like it. ( please like it so we can have cool face book discussions on all things scrolly)

2. I cleaned up some contributors who either are not active in posting or no longer live in the kingdom or do kingdom work. If you were on this clear up and wish to be re added I will do so but please be an active member of this group.  As the blog is open to the public to read and comment there is no need for people to have contributor status if they do not contribute.

3. Please keep your image uploads to a reasonable size for the page size.  I highly recommend using the blog page image uploader as it automatically resizes them to something manageable for webpage loading. People wanting better views of the image can click on the image and blogger automatically redirects.

4. If you know of any active scribe new, old or in between who'd like to be an ACTIVE member of this community then please tell them to email me.

5. There have been quite a lot of scrolls going out and it would be really fantastic if everyone could post pictures of their works and talk a little about it. There were quite a lot of scribally questions being asked at Double Wars and it would be fantastic to have everyone in this community get a chance to share their knowledge and expertise no matter what level they are at. Even the newest of the new have something to offer.

6. It came to my attention at Double Wars that a couple of people who it was thought had their scrolls have in fact never received them. If you yourself, or someone  you know has an award but does not have a scroll please contact the signet clerk and let her know.  She cannot fix this if she doesn't know about it. And sometimes the records lie.

7. It has been said over and over again. As a scribe of this kingdom you must sign your work and you should give a contact address / email. King and queen and herald cannot say who the scroll was done by in court if there is no name attached to it.

8. I will be doing another sweep and clear of inactive uses at the end of the year.

This concludes the admin stuff.

Bridget Greywolf OL.

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