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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Double Wars--Heraldic Creation

Having searched the British Library both online and in the list/illustrations of the heraldic mss I have, I contacted Lancaster Pursuivant of the English College of Arms. He was very helpful (I admit I waved the PhD about a bit) and I think was happy to have a question that was not "What is my coat of arms?"

The text (creation of Garter King of Arms--I had hoped for Norroy, but took what I got) was given to me in English and Latin--with Signet and Schwarzdrachen's help, I adapted it for the creation of Rouge Maunche. Over extended consultation with Lady Lyonet, we decided that someone of as longstanding repute and wit as the recipent was definitely worth her salt, with all the puns that entailed over the century, so that's what I used as salary (pun intended). The scroll itself is modelled after an early 16th grant of arms--the text and hand are late 15th. The escitcheons are in order of happenstance: Drachenwald commands that Gf become Rouge Maunche. Medieval flow chart!

Lastly, what's most remarkable is that roughly 90% of the words are abbreviated to fit it on a page I could work on. Yay for having studied Palaeography!

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