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Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 scrolls

Here are pics for 2 scrolls I've made recently.

Panache for Elzbeth MEclenburgilainen. I was experimenting and in hurry, so This might not be as good as it could have been.

Sorry, the scan is wonky, not the scroll ;) MAde for my friend Queniva. This was also made in hurry really. I suck at starting orders in time.

how to learn to start painting and writing in time xD? I Have got plenty of time to make these scrolls, but I end up actually starting and finishing them just few days before deadlines... graaaaaaah....

~Sayyida Amal the stupid wannabe-artist


Sara L. Uckelman said...

I so do love your calligraphy...so pretty!

And hurrah, once Queniva's scroll is signed and delivered, there will only be two left from that reign on the backlog. One of them is assigned to me...maybe I'll try to complete it this weekend. :)

Ari said...

There's no real way to get yourself to start earlier other than just doing it. I have found that I'm never happy with scrolls I've done in a rush, and I'd rather be happy with a scroll, so that's enough to get me going earlier. (Often I have to post them to Frankmark as well, which means an even earlier start.)

Sorry I can't be of help.

Katharine Wolford said...

Ari, you are a winner in the EC giveaway. Please contact me at Enchantedconversation@gmail.com. Congrats, Kate Wolford. Note: This is not spam! Ari entered my contest.

Ari said...

No, that wasn't spam. Has been taken care of off-list...

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