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Monday, July 04, 2011

need some advice

I'm really, really bad at extrapolating. So I need some advice.

My original is BL MS Egerton 2432 f. 34v:

I'm substituting an achievement for the initial, which necessitated some change in the background of that square:

My questions are:

- The coat of arms that will be going there is black and yellow. What would be the most pleasing colors for diapering? Black on yellow and yellow on black, or red or white on both?

- Would the shield (and the coronet) look better outlined? In white, red, or black?

- Should I outline the outer edge of the blue, and, if so, in black as in the original or white to match the other inner detailing?

- Should I outline the bottom of the square in the same color as the previous?

- Should I outline the hill the shield sits on, if so, in black or white?

If it makes a difference to any of your answers to the above, I'm planning to diaper the red background with white.


Franchesca Havas said...

This may not be the answer you want but since you did scan it overlay the different diaperings that you are thinking of and see what it looks like.

Use different geometric diaperings as well.

Happy 4th of July!

Sara L. Uckelman said...

Huh, never thought of testing out alternatives electronically like that! I might do that if it's not too much work, thanks for the suggestion.

Ari said...

I haven't really researched diapering on gold--the shading I've seen on gold tends to be in red. Your whitework rocks--go for it!

When in doubt, outline. Generally in black. Especially if the original does.

FOr future scrolls, I've done a few initials that incorporate escutcheons or rondels, and I find it's effective to make them part of an initial--H, C, G, T, O, A, U are the easiest ones to fill in the centre/space in.

That border looks lovely!!!

Rattlesnake said...


Well, I can say that I am thrilled with the result! Thank you for making such a beautiful scroll! It shall find a place of honor in my home.