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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some crown, Lady of the Rose, and duchess inspiration

Was browsing the British Library MS, as is my wont, and found a selection of images that might be lovely bases for particular scrolls.

This one is not as finely drawn or painted as some examples, but to me, that makes it more accessible - something that is perfect just sets the bar for my illumination way too high. The strawberries suggest a duchy, if you want, or you can change them to other flowers.
The real challenge though would be making it to original size - about A5, or half a normal sheet of paper.

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Franchesca said...

The Harley 2443 f2 is very similar to the Marmion school of Illumnars. They are my favorite! The difference here is that this artist left the background plain. The Marmion books have an almost diapering background with shading to give the illusion of depth.

Very pretty choices in all. :)