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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Suppliers of pergamenata and buying online

Dear folk,

I had been buying Pergamenata from Cornelissen's. They sell a set weight at £1.95 per 70x50 cm sheet. Now, I'd gone to Shepherd's/Falkiner's on my last trip to London, and they sell 70x100cm sheets.

So, when I ran out of stuff, I ordered online from S/F. I ordered online the midweight (160), which was £4-odd per sheet.

When it came (swiftly, and without hassle, to their credit), I was rather shocked to find it was very flimsy. It seems that Cornelissen sell the 230 pergamenata ( or some weight heavier than 160) as standard. Even accounting for the fact it's half the size, it would appear to be much cheaper to buy from Cornelissen's (£1.95 for 70x50 as opposed to over £6 for 70x100--even buying two sheets is cheaper).

Have the hive mind found anywhere that sells the larger sheets for around £4 per sheet (which would be the price of buying 2 sheets from Cornelissen's)? Also, has anyone ordered from Cornelissen's online, as their search engine doesn't yield any results for "pergamenata"? Or should I just ring them and order over the phone?



Merlyn said...

I contacted the makers of Pergamenata some time ago. It ended up ( long story) that I could wholesale it from a supplier in Switzerland ( when I lived there) and it was good priced but you had to buy in bulk. I suggest going to www.paperideas.it and trying to get in contact with a local wholesale supplier.

Genevieve la flechiere said...
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Genevieve la flechiere said...


Price has gone up slightly to 2.10, but still a bargain compared to heavy rag paper.

If you want to order some I can pick it up for Raglan, but you'll have to take a tube or large portfolio back with you.