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Monday, August 22, 2011

admin stuff: Images

Okay This is the yearly reminder for everyone who posts images to PLEASE watch your image size. Sorry Margaret but I had to remove the images you uploaded because their formatting screwed up this site / page's formatting. I reformatted them and uploaded them via my system.

If you are going to upload images please make sure they are small- medium. If you are uploading from your own computer please use blogger's image feature ( it's that little picture icon on the taskbar at the top of the posting box. It will resize your images and allow a click through to the larger version and it doesn't tend to mess up the site's lay out.


This site has more information on web image sizes. 

If you don't want to upload from your computer then you can use one of the many great photo aps out there, although for blogger I highly recommend Picasa as it's a blogger program and very compatible.


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