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Thursday, August 25, 2011

All Change, please

For those who may not yet have heard, Genevieve la Flechiere (sorry, Your Highness, can't figure out how to do accents on this interface) successfully inspired her lord, Robert of Canterbury, to victory in the Insulae Draconis Coronet Tourney this past week. As they are now royalty, I have stepped in as interim Insulae Draconis Signet.

If you are a scribe who does work for ID, could you please drop me a note on signet@insulaedraconis.org stating who you are, what hands and styles you prefer to do, what level of award you are comfortable working on, and other such thing? By sending it to the signet address it will be there for future Signets as a sort of roster.

And, because this isn't confusing at all (cue sarcasm): ArianHWY remains Drachenwald Signet. I am ArianRHOD and am Insulae Draconis Signet. Generally I will try to remember to sign Signet correspondence with my full name, so you know to whom you're speaking. I'm not changing my username, though, so here I'll remain Ari.

In service,
Arianrhod o Gymru
Signet, Insulae Draconis.


Sara L. Uckelman said...

Ari -- maybe you and I should start campaigning to be known as Rhod and Hwy rather than Ari and Ary. :)


Merlyn said...

you could also go by Ari-H and Ari-R
*evil Grin*