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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bestiary page

I like doing bestiary pages. I don't know why. On this one, as with a Lindquistringes, I tried for a slightly different Carolingian hand than I usually do, to match the original in the British Library. (I used to use Drogin's Carolingian, then switched about a year ago to a Carolingian hand as documented by one of the first places/mss to use it. (The main difference is the small A).)

This is an order of the Fox for ID. The fox was thought to roll in red earth to mimic blood, then play dead to lure birds close to him. At which he ate them. The startled expression on the blue birds face is from the original; the covetous look in the fox's eyes in the lower panel, aimed upwards at the "two in the bush," just amused me.

I used gouache for the background, as the original was shell gold, and a Laurel in the East Kingdom recommended gouache in those circumstances (although I note that Cornelissen's sell shell gold. Much, much more expensive than leaf).


In service,

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Merlyn said...

I once, as a test, used shell gold next to schminke gold gouache and there was no immedieate visible difference aside from the price.

I know that in theory one can burnish shell gold but I have never been able to successfully manage that