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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ary's heraldic elevation scroll

From a 15th c GoA from the site here. I think I got the balance just about right, though the colours are guesses based on knowledge of the time period and others on that page. Like Her Highness's elevation scroll, it's a sort of mediaeval flow chart, with the kingdom arms, her arms, and then a blank for her badge when she selects it. I didn't dare use real gold because the last time I did the scroll got lost in the German post for six weeks. The wording was done by Schwarzdrachen and lightly early-modernised by me; it was much shorter than the herald extraordinary text I used for Her Highness' elevation, so I was able to fit in the bits around the edges.

I still notice that when writing on a proper slope my letters slant to the left, which they never used to before using a slope. Not quite sure how to fix that, although it's getting better, so it may just be practice.

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