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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

recent work ( see not dead....)

So I know I've been fairly quiet for a while but I am doing stuff. Here are some pictures. The indentures were private commissions within the SCA. They were fun to do.

The book was made for the elevation of SvartulfR. For those interested in such things it is single sheets folded in half stitched together using ketten and long stitch method.  The outer cover is pergamenata, glued using PVA ( sorry didn't have time to make paste) and then painted with gouache. The book mark is made from pergamenata, painted and calligraphy then laminated.

The blanks were done for the signet and as usual were fun because I like doodles and squiggly lines.


indenture ( Finnish)

Vigil book for SvartulfR

one of 10 blanks

Volker's OdLind


Ari said...

Wow. Really nice inkwork, particularly on the black-and-white!

Eva Grelsdotter said...

Thank you Bridget for making such a beautiful indenture for us!! Can't wait to put it on our wall :)

Merlyn said...

Eva you are very welcome!
Ari, the black and white B is from the Maccelsfield alphabet book.