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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Interest Check

 So we are thinking about a scribal schola.

Would be a 1 day (9am - 6pm) thing with classes and stuff.
the idea would be hourly classes with a 3 hour midday free time for all and somewhere in there a formal Q&A session ( think convention style panel) 

Tentative dates are feb, April, or May down in Maggie's part of the kingdom. So Frankmark south (ish)

This would be a no frills thing ( no room and board on site except for Saturday supper - very simple)

who would be interested?


Ari said...

As said on FB, I've booked a venue for a scriptorium (cum-A&S-revel) For March 10th in Oxford, to which the entire kingdom is of course welcome. Just putting the event announcement together for DT.

The degree to which it consists of classes depends on the uptake I get.

Merlyn said...

We would not be creating any scribal events in March so there will be no conflict with yours. As Feb is shaping up to be busy for me and May is Double Wars looks like April will be the best month.

Do please post all the details for your scribal event here as well to try and reach as many people in the Kingdom as possible. The more we can ALL encourage scribe work the better.