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Monday, December 05, 2011

Scriptorium, March 10, 2012: Oxford, England

Scriptorium/West Dragonshire Arts and Sciences Revel

March 10, 2012

Oxford, England

Come one, come all, to the one-day revel in ancient Oxford! Arianrhod o Gymru, Insulae Draconis Signet, and her fellows of West Dragonshire invite you to their scriptorium and arts and sciences revel, in the upstairs (sadly, no lift) of the Mitre pub, a period room in a very old hostel, now a Beefeater pub. The Mitre is located on the corner of Turl Street and the High, in the very centre of Oxford.

Arianrhod is happy to hold forth on the arts of scrivening and illuminating, and will have parchment, ink, pens and paint for those who wish to try this ancient art (and earn her undying gratitude). Other arts are also encouraged—we have an awful lot of room! Lord Duncan Forbes will be arranging fighting nearby, weather permitting.

As the Mitre is a pub, we will not be having a potluck. You can either eat there (I’ve not eaten there since it became Beefeater, so I don’t know the quality of food), or at one of the many excellent establishments in Oxford.

Oxford, ancient seat of learning, is dominated by the Dreaming Spires of the university. If there is sufficient interest, Ari can arrange walking tours of the city, which will include several colleges (there will be a fee, dependant on how many people respond). It is also possible to take tours of the Bodleian Library, an establishment much older than the British Library, or even just view the 15th century divination schools (again, this will be a separate fee). There is also an old covered market, Norman towers, the castle (which was a prison till 1997), and many other sights! For those who like really old things, the Rollright Stones are an easy drive away. If you want a special walking tour, please RSVP BY FEB 14TH 2012 AT THE LATEST.

Parking in Oxford is difficult. The closest parking to site is on Broad Street or St Giles, but they fill up very quickly. Oxford has excellent rail and bus links, particularly to/from London. There are also direct bus links to Heathrow and Gatwick (or rail links from the Heathrow Express into London Paddington) or, if you must drive, please consider using one of the many park & ride facilities.

Fee is £6/£3 unwaged.

Any questions? Contact Ari on +44 (0)1235 510784 (not after 9PM, please) or, better, on daylightjam(at)gmail.com. Note phone is not an option until Dec. 29th, as currently she’s on hols.

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