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Friday, December 09, 2011

Scrolls recently distributed at Yule Ball in Insulae Draconis

Some pieces given out at Yule Ball (as were the two works by Arianrhod): we seem to have a Romanesque theme!

This is a Ffraid (service) by Lady Lena the Red in a 12th c style - Lena included sources, but I don't have them at hand...

An AoA in medieval French - C&I by myself, text sourced by Arianrhod. Original is Harley 3107 from the British Library. It's a late 12th c text about Augustine, and a very jolly intro page it has. Other pieces from this period almost look 'hippie' - with bulbous shapes reminiscent of paisley patterns.

The time/place for this style is limited - it only seems to last a few decades, before it's overtaken by more sophisticated shaded illuminations.

A joint PCS, for a lovely couple departing Insulae Draconis - presented on behalf of their Majesties. The inconsistency of ink colour is because I was having serious trouble controlling the flow using a quill.

The inspiration is again from Harley 3107, two different pages.

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