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Tuesday, December 06, 2011


So just some snippets of what I was working on.

unfinished D, gold leaf - tooled and gouache

Red D, gouache, gold leaf, gold paint.


crow in the vines

little S, gold leaf bar, gouache, ink.

Bar & Ivy: gold leaf, gouache and ink.

I've had the blanks with the gold leaf done for a while just waiting for the right scrolls to come along and they did. I use schminke Calligraphy gouache and watercolour paints on Pergamenata. Gold leaf on the gum arabic / sugar gesso from the Kathleen P. Whitley book.

All images except the first one are from the same scroll and the inspiration was this piece.

Antiphoner 1350

I got it from the book: Illuminated Manuscripts and their Makers by Rowan Watson
Which can be found through Abe books or amazon ( used) as the hard cover is now out of print. ( sadly it's a great book)
or as paperback here for a decent price.
V&A shop


Ari said...

I love the whitework on the red D!

Merlyn said...

thanks. I struggle with whitework a lot. I'm always really relieved when it actually turns out.

Racaire said...

beautiful! :)

Susan said...

Wow, gorgeous!
I love the little crow!