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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We have a winner!

During Lief and Morrigan's reign I ran a scroll blank raffle/competition -- for every blank I received, the scribe in question got a virtual "ticket" for a drawing for a copy of Marc Drogin's book on calligraphy, donated by TRM. I received 43 blanks during their reign: by Arianrhod (6), Margaretha (8), Mærith (3), Bridget (10), Saraswati (2), Racaire (5), Hedwig (4), and Agatha (5). Many of these blanks have already been used, either by myself or by other calligraphers, and I have a large stash left to use for this upcoming reign, and, hopefully, to pass on to my successors. I had my lord husband generate me a random number between 1 and 43, and that number is: 38, which is Hedwig! I will be getting in touch with her shortly about shipping the book to her. Congratulations to Hedwig and thanks to everyone who participated!

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Merlyn said...

YIPPIEEEEEEEEEEEEE congratulations Hedwig! ( of course this now means you must do more scrolls Bwahahahahahah ( joke)