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Friday, June 08, 2012

texts: for scrolls

As Lia posted hers here I thought I would invite everyone to post their own scroll texts and maybe this will be of great help to all the scribes around. If you tag it with the words text, scrolls, wording then people can find it easier too.


Ari said...

I sent a bunch of wordings to Ary a while back, to be put on the Drachenwald Signet page--did you inherit them?

I have records of all my scroll texts, but I don't want to spam the lists. Even just posting my period exemplars would take up pages--I'll post one and see what folk think?

Merlyn said...

No I have no files yet. Technically I don't take over until coronation. (I think) If you want to add texts in bulk what about in a PDF file? I'm happy to host the files on Virulent and create a side bar link fest.

ANYTHING here is unofficial since this blog has nothing to do with the DW website.

Merlyn said...

If you can't create PDFs I can and I'll be happy to do that if you want but then I need the texts emailed.