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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Scribal supply wishes

I would like to know, if the kingdom could provide some supplies to scribes what would be the most needed and useful of supplies within reason.

Please list your wishes in the comments part.



Camele0pard said...

Good quality paper, that works well with both ink and water-based colours.

Lia de Thornegge said...

I will echo Elsa, paper or if it can be arranged proper parchment to work on.

It would be very cool with little gilding kits as well. Small containers of the ingredients with instructions for mixing it.

Ailitha said...

I'll aggree on both the paper/pergamenata (thanks a million genevieve for the pergamenata) and the guilding sets and I would like to add the ruler thingy that helps keeping the same space when drawing the lines for the calligraphy!


Merlyn Gabriel said...

So so far

paper / parchment ( you guys dream big)

gilding kits

Ames lettering guide