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Monday, January 18, 2010

Backlog overhaul


Starting with the New Year I'm helping Trinite out by taking over the care and feeding of the list of backlog scrolls. I'm still in the process of synthesizing all the information she's given me and that I've gleaned from various sources, but I expect that when that's done I'll still have a lot of holes. So, this post has two purposes -- first, to warn people that they if they've signed up for a backlog scroll any time in the last 10 years or so, they can probably expect to get an email from me. :) Second, to forestall that, I would appreciate it if anyone who currently has signed up for scrolls on the backlog to email me with:

(a) their name
(b) their email
(c) the scrolls they've signed up for

And if you can also give me a note about the status of the scroll - "mostly done", "still picking out an exemplar", "omg, I never want to think about this again please give it to someone else", that would be great -- but totally optional. At this point, I mostly want to know who has what, rather than the detailed status of individual scrolls.

My email is liana@ellipsis.cx. I look forward to working with Trinite to help clear out the backlog further; we've made such good progress during her first two years as Signet, let's see if we can't go even better!


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Merlyn Gabriel said...

May I just say this is a fantastic thing you are doing and any help I can give let me know.