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Monday, January 16, 2012

Pennsylvania Dutch? and gilding query

So over the weekend I was proactive and decided that, as I was in a panic for blanks, making some was the way forward. There was a revel, so I did the sketching and base painting for three puzzle blanks. This is the full-sized one.

I was intrigued by someone's comment that it looks like a Pennsylvania Dutch anti-hex thing. It sort of does, and is quite different from the puzzle initials I've done before (the other two were much more "normal"). It's in the BL, though I neglected to write down the MS number. I wondered if anyone has seen similar designs?

Secondly, wrt gilding. How do you get straight edges on your gold? I use a fine, even brush, but I never was good at staying in the lines, and inevitably, despite best efforts, I gild slightly too far out somewhere. Given that it hardens to the consistency of cement, would scraping it with a scalpel actually work--or would it take too much gold off and result in yet more re-gilding?

Lastly, a reminder that we of West Dragonshire are holding a Scriptorium/A&S revel on March 10 in Oxford, England. As an added enticement, may I point out that the Bodleian Library is having a (free, but no doubt non-handicapped-accessible) exhibition on romances: the manuscripts and the scribes who wrote them? Contact me for details.


Lena the Red said...

I use Roberson's Water Gold Size (which I got from Cornelisson's), and I find that so long as I get to it fairly promptly a scalpel works fine to remove excess, bit I have pretty steady hands, so I don't have to do a lot...

Genevieve la flechiere said...

I see the point of Penn dutch, but I've recently seen a bunch of these floral symmetrical letters in the BL collection - I started paging through the Royal collection, after seeing the exhibit.

Can't comment on its effectiveness at deterring hexes!

Also - planning on attending the scriptorium in March in Oxford.