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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Send me a blank--win an Elizabethan Artefact!

Scriveners! Illuminators! Would-bes of each!

Inspired by, and with permission of, Drachenwald Signet, I am also holding a competition. For every blank scroll--calligraphy, illumination, or both--I receive from each of you from 18th February, when the successors of our beloved Prince Robert and Princess Genevieve are determined, till the 14th August 2012, you get a "virtual ticket" into the prize draw for....

A PAGE FROM A 1584 PRINTED EDITION OF ORLANDO FURIOSO plus what authentication I have.

I won it from a Signet long ago and far away, and I do not value it enough (evidenced by the fact that it's always "somewhere safe" I can never find, and I don't show it off.) So, in my turn, I offer it up to the scribes of Drachenwald, in the name of Insulae Draconis.

Here's how it works: say three scribes send me blanks. Adelbrecht sends me 4; Bronwen sends me 3; Caterina sends me 6. Adelbrecht gets his ticket written on 4 slips of paper; Bronwen 3; Caterina 6. I then prevail upon a crowned head at Ffair Rhaglen to draw one of those slips of paper from a hat/hood/coif/sack, and the winner will be sent A PAGE FROM A 1584 PRINTED EDITION OF ORLANDO FURIOSO (no, I'm not bringing it to a camping event to present, unless the assembled scribes in their multitudes attend Raglan (August 15-20, Raglan Castle, Shire of Mynydd Gwyn, you're welcome, Dom Duarte. That way madness and injury lie.)

Please note that these blanks would be for the Principality of Insulae Draconis, which is where I am Signet. Blanks are as ever welcome to Kingdom Signet, but Kingdom is not sponsoring this.

To repeat: Insulae Draconis Signet is hosting this, not Drachenwald Signet. But scribes from all over Drachenwald are eligible.

I look forward to seeing all your lovely work, and passing this wonderful thing to new and better hands.

In service,
Insulae Draconis

Post-scriptum: email daylightjamATgmailDOTcom for my postal address.

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